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Gun Accessory Professionals

Our team of gun accessory professionals in San Diego County have decades of experience in designing, testing, developing and using guns and equipment. We’ve fought alongside many of the most highly-trained combat units and organizations in the U.S., including infantry and tactical units in the Army and Marines, police forces, SWAT teams and the NRA.

We know all the most vital functions of today’s top-quality firearms, and we understand the need for quick, accurate, effortless execution. Leading names in American weaponry including Sig Sauer, Glock and Colt certify our development teams to craft efficient equipment with novel designs to optimize performance. Guns are our passion, and we enjoy combining a long history of experience in firearms with new innovation to make America’s armed forces, law enforcement, security, hunters and enthusiasts of tomorrow safer and more effective.

Contact us to find out more about our experienced craftsmen, process and developments. Get a glimpse of our work in the gallery and order our tactical equipment to try for yourself.

Our team:

Martin Zatrapa
Founder, craftsman, RD&T, sales, marketing.

Experience: USMC infantry, US Army infantry, cavalry, intelligence, Nuclear security.

Bode R.
Testing and development

Experience: 12 years US Army special operations (retired), Police officer 10 years SWAT, advanced weapons instructor. Certified armorer Sig Sauer, Glock and Colt.

Al Pellegrini

Experience: Air Force Veteran.

Christian Wilson

Jason Hock

Joel Wright

USMC Veteran