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AMSCT   American Spartan Color T-shirt
AMST   American Spartan T-shirt
AMERT   American T-shirt
PGW   AR-15 Grip Wrap (California wrap)
BandB   Bed and Breakfast T-shirt
BRMT   Black Rifles Matter T-shirt
BRASST   Brass T-shirt
18B   Concealment belt loop
CRD   Concussion Reduction Device
CZPD   Czech Pack
CZPT   Czech Pack Tactical
DEFDRT   Defender T-shirt
DESTCOMT   Destruction Cometh T-shirt
DOORST   Doors T-shirt
PMGD   Double Pistol Magazine Pouch
DTDISTT   Double Tap Distillery T-shirt
DBLTPGT   Double Tap Garage T-shirt
FBRASST   Feme Brass T-shirt
FDEFUST   Feme Defend us T-shirt
GNSCOF   Feme Guns & Coffee T-shirt
FDMBK   Freedom T-shirt
FRDM   Freedom T-shirt
FrogLube-CLP-Liquid   FrogLube CLP Liquid
FrogLube-CLP-Pump-Spray   FrogLube CLP liquid 8 oz pump
FrogLube-CLP-Paste-4oz-Jar   FrogLube CLP Paste - 4oz Jar
FrogLube-CLP-Paste-8oz-Jar   FrogLube CLP Paste - 8oz Jar
FrogLube-CLP-Wipes-   FrogLube CLP Wipes
FrogLube-FrogTube   FrogLube FrogTube
FrogLube-Solvent-Pump-Spray   FrogLube Solvent Pump Spray - 8oz
GNSCOFM   Guns and Coffee T-shirt
GSLNBR   Gunslingers Brew T-shirt
HK-3-8-10   Hardware Kit, 10 piece brass
HK-NC   Hardware Kit, Nylon belt clip
HK-HSTD   Hardware Kit, OWB holster
HK-MAGOWB   Hardware Kit, OWB magazine pouch
HK-SS   Hardware Kit, Spring steel belt clip
H-HD   HD (heavy duty) Holster
IWB   IWB Holster
PMGSIWB   IWB Single magazine pouch
KCRFM   Keep Calm Mens T-shirt
KCRF   Keep Calm T-shirt
35M   Kydex IWB belt loops
MCW   Kydex money clip wallet
LW-BK-AS   Leather wings, pair with hardware
LW-TN-AS   Leather wings, pair with hardware tan
M4P   M-4-Pouch-Belt
M4M   M-4-Pouch-MOLLE
FFL-T   Military Free Fall T-Shirt, Black
NBC   Nylon belt clip.
PEACE   Peace Sign T-shirt
35L150   Pull over belt clip nylon 1.5"
35L175   Pull over belt clip nylon 1.75"
QD13   QuickDraw
RBK   Roach Belly Knife
PMGS   Single Pistol Mag Pouch
CH   Snuff Can Holster
SLP-3-4-HA-USF   Soft loop, hard action, us flag 3/4" pair
SLS-3-4-HA-USF   Soft loop, hard action, us flag 3/4" single
Spring-Steel-Belt-Clip   SSBC1.75
11B   Standard belt loop
19D   Standard belt loop short
H-STD   Standard Holster
H-CAC   The C.A.C. Holster
UC-Stealth-Holster   UC Stealth Holster
UCS-G2   UC Stealth Holster Glock 19
UC-Stealth-Holster-Attachment   UC Stealth Holster with attachment
UCSH   UC Stealth Horizontal Magazine Pouch
Ulticlip   Ulticlip
zZz200   zZz Clip 2"
zZz300   zZz Clip 3"
SK   zZz Shooter Kit

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