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Find the right accessories for your weapon with zZz Custom Works, near Camp Pendleton, California. Browse our selection of magazine pouches, gun holsters and knife sheaths for sale. We carry custom, versatile equipment made for optimal performance and comfort with standard and specialized weapons.

Our team’s extensive experience and training in the Military, NRA, Special Forces and law enforcement divisions give us the exclusive knowledge to craft highly functional combat accessories. The top names in firearms, including Sig Sauer, Glock and Colt, back our professional designers and artisans. Our gun, magazine and knife holsters are made from top-quality materials into sleek, durable designs made to fit a variety of weapons, users and situations. We are constantly developing our designs to bring our customers the highest level of control, safety and comfort for all their equipment.

Find a holster, magazine pouch or sheath to fit your knife or firearm. For more information or to order custom-made accessories, contact us today.

Our friends over at The Bullet Points reviewed our kydex products and gear, please watch this great video they produced for us!

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