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Center Mass Group recently wrote about our Kydex Holsters - click here to read what they had to say!

zZz Custom Works is a trusted purveyor of custom gun holsters, magazine pouches, and other firearm accessories. In addition to high-quality products, we also offer the best customer service and care in California! See what many pleased gun enthusiasts have to say about us!

Testimonials for zZz Custom Works

"I have tried to break the gear during range sessions, but it just keeps taking all the abuse."

-Bode, testing and development

"All together all your products were absolutely incredible and we were very impressed by your work. I know I will personally be a long time customer."

-SWAT operator

"I use no other holster! All others fail in comparison. Have tried others at more than twice the cost and they never seem to do. The CAC is AWESOME! Marty is a creative Genius! I think of some real crazy ideas and send him my gear and he always blows my mind with what he sends back!"


TESTIMONIAL FROM A SPECIAL OPERATOR: "Leve fit, quod bene fertur, onus. -Ovid There's nothing worse than training and operating with a great weapons system while only having a substandard means of bearing it. Not only can this be frustrating and inefficient, it could cost you your life. Stop doing this today. ZZZ Custom works is the operator's best choice for holsters, mag pouches or knife sheaths. My team and I been using ZZZ custom works gear exclusively for years. If you carry a weapons system for work, for play, or both, we challenge you to place an order and start employing ZZZ custom works gear for your favorite weapons systems. You will never use anything else again! Cheers."

-Name withheld for security reasons

Received my BHP holster and knife sheath, both very nice. I was impressed with the details on the sheath especially the drain hole.